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TOPIC: Cold-stress

Fight the Cold: Keys to Protect Your Workers This Winter

Winter is here, and with it comes colder temperatures, snow and the potential dangers of cold stress.

Cold temperatures pose an occupational health hazard for many types of workers. Prolonged exposure to freezing or cold temperatures may cause serious health problems such as trench foot, frostbite, hypothermia and in extreme cases death. It is important for you to provide the proper protection for your employees this winter. This includes protecting the hands, feet, head and body.

Below we have outlined how to properly protect your workers this winter. 

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Cold Hard Facts: The Dangers of Cold Stress

Although the weather has remained relatively warm across much of the country this fall, winter is right around the corner. This will mean colder temperatures, snow and the potential dangers of cold stress for employees that are not properly protected.

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Help Workers Stay Safe this Winter

As the temperatures in the Northeast have finally dropped to a seasonal low, there’s no telling if this winter will be mild… or treat us to unprecedented storms. Regardless, I’d like to share winter safety reminders to help as the freezing temperatures stay with us.

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Protect Workers and their Hands in the Cold

We recently moved our blog to a new platform and, unfortunately, some of our subscribers may have received a broken link with the last notification. Our apologies for any inconvenience.  I am reposting our most recent blog with the hope that you receive this and future communications as planned.

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Keep Your Workers Safe this Winter

Winter weather brings a whole new set of challenges for staying safe. And as the largest storm of 2015 pounds the Northeast with record breaking snowfall in some areas, I’d like to pass along some outstanding reminders of winter safety that was recently published by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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Protect Workers and Their Feet in the Cold

I don’t know many workers who love the colder temperatures… or enjoy working when their feet are cold.

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As Temps Drop, Cardiac Arrests Can Rise

Winters can be a challenge for many of us from a health and safety standpoint. And it seems like every year we lose more people to cardiac arrest in the winter performing strenuous activity – like shoveling.

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Cold Stress... and Other Winter Safety Measures

As the temperatures begin to dip in the northeast and across the country, I was reminded the other day while scrapping ice off my windshield that the elements can be unkind to many workers, especially over the next few months.

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