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TOPIC: Hurricane

After the Storm: Proper Protection During Cleanup

Over the past few weeks, Hurricane Harvey and Irma have caused severe devastation and destruction to Texas, Florida and various other parts of the Southeastern United States. These powerful storms brought high winds, torrential rain and severe flooding, that damaged homes and businesses in these regions. 

Even weeks after the initial storm, some areas are still underwater, while others prepare for the massive cleanup effort that must now take place. While the storms may be over, there are still many dangers including mold, exposed materials and falling objects that crews will face. 

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Bracing for the Storm: Keys for Hurricane Preparedness

When hurricanes hit they can cause catastrophic damage to cities, homes and businesses, as we've seen over the past few weeks with the devastation in Houston. As the southeastern United States awaits another major Hurricane in Irma, we wanted to provide some ways you can prepare your families and businesses.

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