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TOPIC: Safety

Thanksgiving Holiday Safety Tips

Arbill works hard all year to keep you and your employees safe so that everyone can go home to their families at the end of each and every day. It is with this commitment to safety in mind that we want to provide some tips to ensure everyone gets through the Thanksgiving holiday safely.

We urge you to take a few simple precautions to prevent home fires and to be prepared for common health emergencies that may arise this holiday.

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Safety Checklist: 10 Things You Must Do

Developing a comprehensive health and safety checklist is an important first step in creating a safe workplace. Identifying potential hazards and developing procedures to handle them will ensure the safety of your employees and show your commitment to building a culture of safety in your workplace.

Before creating your checklist here are four things to keep in mind:
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Zika Virus: Steps to Protect Outdoor Workers

The Zika virus has arrived in the United States with 14,059 reported cases in US territories. There have been 2,686 travel acquired cases in US States and the virus has been locally acquired by thirty-five people in the US. Individuals in the southern Florida region are cautioned to avoid mosquito bites and workers stationed in areas that are swamp-like in the Southeast region of the United States should be especially cautious.

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5 Reasons to Celebrate Manufacturing Day With Arbill

Manufacturing Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing. It gives manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and take charge of the public image of manufacturing to ensure the ongoing prosperity of the industry. This year, Arbill is celebrating Manufacturing Day, and we will be hosting a free event on Friday, October 7th at our headquarters in Philadelphia.

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Top 4 Causes of Construction Deaths: Steps to Prevent These Tragedies

According to OSHA, the leading causes of worker deaths on construction sites were falls, electrocution, struck-by-object and caught-in/between. These “Fatal Four” were responsible for more than 58% of the construction deaths in 2014.

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Protect Your Employees From Workplace Violence

The horrific tragedy in San Bernardino that took the lives of 14 people and injured 21 earlier this month is one of several examples of workplace violence that forever changed the lives of so many. Those images of innocent people gunned down at a holiday gathering in yet another senseless violent act are haunting and the pain felt by those workers and their families is unimaginable.

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Safety and Aging in the Workplace

One of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes featured older Americans in a “Home for the Aged” trying to regain their youth by playing a game of Kick the Can. Perhaps you saw this episode recently during the New Year’s Twilight Zone marathon.

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Making A Difference Beyond Safety...

I usually reserve this space to share information of value about safety.  However, today’s message is not about safety specifically, but it is about making a difference in the lives of those we touch.

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Focus on Fall Protection

It’s not surprising that the most frequently sited workplace safety violation by Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) is Fall Protection. Each year over 100,000 injuries and deaths are attributable to work-related falls.

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A Week to Remember

Last week was a celebration of success for Arbill. As the Co-chair of the 2014 Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) National Conference & Business Fair in Philadelphia, Arbill was involved in dozens of activities that showcased our company, products, services and our dedicated staff.

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