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Reduce Workplace Injuries: 5 Steps to Take Today

According to the 2016 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, nonfatal workplace injuries amounted to nearly $62 billion in direct U.S. workers compensations costs (more than a billion dollars per week). When you combine the direct and indirect costs, the average cost of a workplace injury is $100,000. With the potential for additional costs, due to OSHA fines and other legal action.

As you can see, workplace injuries can be very costly. There is the financial impact, as well as the emotional toll that an injury can take on your employees and your organization. It is imperative that you take the proper steps to reduce injuries and ensure your employees go home safely after every shift. 

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5 Most Common Workplace Accidents: Keys to Prevent Injuries

There are a variety of ways to reduce injuries in your workplace. The two most effective include predictive software, like Arbill's Vantage Predictive Analytics, and common-sense preventative measures that both comply with governmental safety regulations and are practical to your given work environment.

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The Cost of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

In the world of workplace safety, we see the potential for accidents and injuries every day at many organizations. We invest our expertise to help organizations keep workers safe. As a company dedicated to worker safety, we see quite clearly the probability for the most disabling workplace inju­ries and illnesses… and we focus on preventing them. 

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What's Wrong with this Picture?

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Top 10 Most Common Workplace Injuries

Each week, we try to include information of value with a focus on safety in the workplace. In today’s blog, I am revisiting one of the most requested topics -- the 10 most common workplace injuries and how to prevent them.

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Working with Harmful Chemicals

One of the most serious threats facing American workers today is exposure to hazardous
chemicals. Chemical hazards and toxic substances pose a wide range of health hazards (such as irritation, sensitization, and carcinogenicity) and physical hazards (such as flammability, corrosion, and reactivity).  

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A Week to Remember

Last week was a celebration of success for Arbill. As the Co-chair of the 2014 Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) National Conference & Business Fair in Philadelphia, Arbill was involved in dozens of activities that showcased our company, products, services and our dedicated staff.

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Let's Celebrate Safety!

We’re reminded at this time of year by the National Safety Council that June is National Safety Month -- http://www.nsc.org/nsc_events/Nat_Safe_Month/Pages/home.aspx. Most organizations will not call attention to this or promote this in any way. At Arbill, we’re passionate about keeping workers safe!

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OSHA’s Proposal to Improve Tracking Workplace Injuries and Illnesses

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The Top 12 Workplace Safety Training Tips To Reawaken Your Workers

When it comes to workplace safety in your facility, the fact is danger always exists and no one is immune to accidents.

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