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Obviously, this is a complicated time. Our country has been knocked to its knees. But we will get up. How we do it couldn?t matter more - especially when it comes to the way begin to return to work and school. Re-entry has to be done with compassion, efficiency and most importantly, with safety.

Since 1945, it?s been our company?s mission, not to sell products, but to keep people safe. We protected the First Responders at Ground Zero. We protect the men and women of industry, our Armed Forces, Federal Agencies as well as those in state and local government.

So it makes sense that we?ve been thinking of the very thing we?re sure you?re concerned with - how to protect employees and students as they prepare to walk through your school?s front doors. And give people the assurance they need to feel comfortable going to work and school.

Our Safety Kits will not defeat Covid-19, but it can help you to protect the people who want nothing more than to go home to their friends and families safely.

We?re here to help. We?re here to reassure. And we?re here to do what we?ve done for 75 years ? make the world safer every day.

Sincerely,  Julie Copeland CEO, Arbill