5 Activities to Implement In Your Organization During Safe + Sound Week 2019

OSHA’s Safe + Sound Week is right around the corner and provides a great opportunity to highlight the safety initiatives in your organization and engage with team members on safety topics. The professionals at Arbill have created 5 activities that you can implement at your workplace.


1.     Host various lunch and learns throughout the week to focus on different safety topics that can improve quality of work for employees.

Providing educational opportunities for your team members to expand on their safety knowledge will help to create safety champions within your organization and drive a culture of safety. While safety should be a priority all the time, investing into your employees will instill confidence in their safety abilities and in turn, develop personal investments into the safety of your organization.


2.     Ask your employees to express why safety is important to them.

Take some time to understand what aspects of safety is particularly important to your team members. Learning more about their background and their experiences will help you relate future educational moments to their background and make it more relevant to them.


3.     Offer sign up for safety courses that employees can attend during the work day.

Continuous investments into your employees’ education shows that your organization takes a personal investment in the well-being of your team members. Arbill offers a variety of OSHA compliant courses that can be applied to any type of work environment. Learn more about them here.


4.     Work together with your team members to create a safety mission statement.

Bring your team members together to compile what elements of safety are most critical to your organization and create a safety mission statement as a team. Being apart of the statement’s development will give your team members a personal connection to the initiative and improve worker dedication to safety.


5.     Provide an opportunity for anonymous feedback and ask team members what safety elements they feel as if they are lacking.

Give your team members to express their true opinions on the safety culture of your organization through a safety survey, anonymous drop box or a safety hotline.When workers have the chance to speak up and talk about what is important to them or what they feel like they are lacking, opportunities for safety improvement are revealed. Use these to build out your safety initiatives moving forward.