Arbill Featured In WE USA Magazine

I was thrilled that WE USA included a profile of me and Arbill's safety mission in the current issue of WE USA Magazine. The focus of the article is how I incorporate my "core tools"� into my Arbill-related business dealings.

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As one who is always interested in sharing knowledge, I am happy to provide you with these core tools as they have been instrumental in my success of growing Arbill into a world-class provider of safety services and products.


By the way, it is worth noting that typically I am the one who is asking business executives how they grew/grow their business or the one taking copious notes as an audience member during seminars and workshops. So, when I am asked how I grew/am growing Arbill, it is tremendously humbling.


On the surface, my core tools may seem unconventional, at least in a business conversation. However, they are authentic and have proved to be extremely reliable in helping me navigate the often-complex business world.


My core tools are:


Believe � When you put your mind to something, I truly believe anything is possible.


Gratitude � I learned along the way that it is not about the destination but enjoying the journey and being grateful for the little things. The little things add up and create the magic.


Love � Find the opportunity to give love and receive love. It has been my light � even in my darkest hours � to find a way to love by offering empathy and compassion to others and myself. Giving love and receiving through meaningful compassionate communications helps me through the most challenging of negotiations and brightens my days.


In addition, as the WE USA article pointed out, I hold "think time"� sacred. I can't overstate the importance of taking a step back and asking yourself critical questions. Questions like what our goals are, what do we need to do to accomplish these goals, what is holding us back, what can we do to make our client's safer, etc. The time invested thinking through these issues is essential when formulating a long-term plan, as opposed to making critical decisions off the cuff.


While not a core tool, one other attribute that I place a lot of emphasis on is talent. Specifically, identifying the right talent. While this is always a challenge, I have made talent identification my number one priority. In fact, one of the most important lessons I have learned is making sure I have the right people in the right seats focused on the right things all the time. This is particularly important because your business is always changing and the people need to line up with the needs of the business. The right people make a winning business 100% of the time.


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And as always, have a safe day!