Ways Managers Can Help Motivate Employees in the Safety Effort?

What really motivates employees to become engaged in the safety effort?

happy employees motivated to be safe

Encouraging open communication and providing employees with support and clear guidelines on behavior that promotes a positive, respectful, and safe workplace is part of every manager's job. Managers play a decisive role in promoting workplace safety and have a responsibility to actively address behaviors that undermine a safe work environment. It goes without saying that communication, training and enforcement are all critical to their workplace safety success.

  • Managers and supervisors who are conducting the training MUST get the message out effectively so that it is well received and understood by the employees;
  • Improved communication, employee support and having realistic expectations of employee abilities WILL help create a work environment where employees are highly motivated and committed to themselves as well as your safety goals;
  • Managers and supervisors MUST all lead by example from the top - down.  You can not preach safety and not apply it to yourself;
  • Managers, supervisors and employees MUST constantly monitor the workplace for unsafe conditions.

According to Thomas Krause, Ph.D., CEO of Behavioral Science Technology Inc., Ojai, Calif., engaging Employees in improving the safety process is the best way to motivate them and to get them connected to the safety function.

"Safety motivation for employees comes when they are connected with the work they are doing on an intellectual, emotional, creative and physical level," said Krause. "It has to have meaning for them in order to motivate them."

How do you engage employees in the real world? Krause noted that the following mechanisms are ways to will help to involve employees on all of those levels.

Allow employees to:

  • Participate in the purchase of personal protective equipment;
  • Be on problem solving committees;
  • Make safety suggestions; and
  • Conduct safety evaluations.

While training is critical, if your employees are not motivated - intellectually, emotionally, creatively and physically, your safety efforts might not succeed.

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