Why Off-The-Job Safety is Your Responsibility


With the help of OSHA, the National Safety Council and Arbill, your workplace injury rates have been steadily decreasing.  Does your responsibility end there?

As the business owner or manager you might initially think that your corporate responsibility for safety initiatives ends in the workplace and that your employees safety at home isn't your problem...You would be wrong!

With nearly 55,000 annual accidental deaths occurring off the job versus 5,000 on-the-job deaths, workers are 10 times more likely to die away from work than at work.  So, why should you care?

Not only are there six times as many work days lost due to off-the-job injuries as on-the-job injuries, but employers pay a major part of the expenses associated with health problems and insurance caused by injuries suffered by employees and their families.

According to the National Safety Council, "Injury Facts,"� 2010, employers lose over $250 billion dollars each year from employees sustaining injuries off the job due to falls, car accidents, power tool accidents, trench collapses, electric shock and other perils.  Direct costs easily can be determined using measurable items such as lost workdays, the need to hire temporary labor or train a permanent replacement. Assessing the indirect costs, such as the loss of productivity due to mental anguish or depression and lower employee morale, are more difficult to quantify and add to the dollars lost. 

Building a true culture of safety within your organization encourages your employees to follow your example on and off the job.  This keeps overall injuries and healthcare costs down, keeps productivity up and empowers employees to apply best safety practices 24/7.

Contact your Arbill representative today and begin building a culture of safety in your organization.  Send your employees home safe everyday and bring them back again everyday.  If you don't want to miss out on relevant safety information, click here to subscribe to our Safety Blog. Have a safe weekend and come back on Monday.