What Safety Hazards Are Shown In These Pictures?

Excellent workplace safety should always be one of your top priorities. You must ensure your workers are safe, and feel safe, in their work environment. There are many things you can do to make sure workers are practicing good safety habits and keeping themselves out of harm's way.

Three situations where workers are susceptible to workplace injuries are in the use (or misuse) of high visibility clothing, anti-fatigue mats and safety shoes. Below are three pictures of situations where these safety precautions are being misused.

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High Visibility Clothing - High visibility clothing is an important safety precaution in many areas, and in this picture you can see how it applies to workers working alongside traffic. In the picture above, the flaggers on the road are not wearing their bright high visibility clothing. Even though these workers are doing their jobs during the day, they still need to wear the required high visibility clothing. The required clothing makes it so much easier for people to see the workers, and lowers chances of injuries and fatalities.   

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Safety Shoes -  The right kind of safety shoes are critical in preventing foot injuries. The key safety feature that safety shoes have to prevent injuries is a steel toe. The steel toe helps protect your feet from falling objects, and they should always be worn in dangerous work areas. In the picture above, the worker is not wearing their safety shoes in a hazardous area. 

Understand the importance of safety materials like high visibility clothing, anti-fatigue mats and safety shoes � they can go a long way to keeping your workers and your workplace safe. Learn more about safety in the workplace on our blog:   http://arbill1.web11.hubspot.com/arbill-safety-blog/

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