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I remember watching Hill Street Blues back in the day. In the opening of that show, Sergeant

Speaking of being safe, Sergeant Phil Esterhaus of Hill Street Blues always ended his briefings by reminding his officers to

Phil Esterhaus, played by Michael Conrad, shared the latest information to police officers in his morning briefing. His talk always ended with, "Let's be careful out there."�

That signature sign-off always stayed with me. It was a personal reminder to his team to be safe.

Safety is a priority for many organizations. Those companies that understand the true value of safety have embraced it to protect their workers. They celebrate safety milestones. They reward workers that protect their coworkers by being observant and keeping the workplace safe. In organizations like these, they are building a Culture of Safety where every employee has a vested interest in being safe. We applaud those companies that have worked safety into their culture.

For those companies that have not made that level of commitment, one simple way to make safety more of a priority is to share safety information with your workers. This could be done in a meeting, such as the subtle but powerful reminder shared on Hill Street Blues. Or it could simply be an occasional e-mail that you share. Perhaps a blog about safety culture or hand protection, or workplace hazards is the perfect opportunity to let your workers know that you, as a safety leader of your organization, care enough to share information about safety.

One of our customers wrote to me recently that he has read our blogs for years, but it only dawned on him recently to share the articles with his workers. He shared with me in his e-mail that his workers thanked him for sharing the information, and they started to look forward to the weekly articles. The content and conversations around safety actually led to the start of a volunteer safety committee at their facility.

Each week, I try to include some safety stats in this blog... or the latest information shared by OSHA, or seasonal safety topics which may be of interest to our readers.

It's our hope that you read and get something out of each article. It's also our hope that you share the information with your workers because you believe the content will interest them, hopefully educate or create better awareness, and ultimately help protect them.

Before Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) was created 43 years ago, an estimated 14,000 workers were killed on the job every year. Today, workplaces are much safer and healthier. The numbers have dropped significantly from 38 fatal injuries a day to 12. Part of the reason for that is better safety products and safety training. Another key part is awareness --better communication about safety.

If you get into the habit of sharing safety blogs or articles by industry experts, it will remind your workers that you care about their safety. It will tell them that you want them to be safe.

It's our goal to ensure every worker makes it home safe at the end of the day. For us, it's not about buying our gloves or other forms of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Great if we meet that need for you, but the most important thing is that your workers are safe... and that because your workers are safer; they will be more productive, which will benefit your bottom line. Of course, that is in addition to knowing that after a hard day's work, your workers returned to their families just the way they left � safe and sound.

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On behalf of Arbill and Sergeant Phil Esterhaus, let's be careful out there!


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