OSHA's Walking-Working Surface Rule

Arbill has teamed up with Honeywell to provide you with valuable information to help you understand the final walking-working surface rule from OSHA and how Honeywell ladder solutions keep you protected.


Osha Walking-Working Surface Rule Overview:  Falls from heights and working surfaces rank among the main causes of serious work-related injuries and deaths. OSHA estimates that, on average, over 200,000 serious (lost-workday) injuries and 345 fatalities occur annually among workers directly affected by the final standard. OSHA's final rule on Walking-Working Surfaces (WSS) and Personal Fall Protection Systems better protects workers in general industry from these hazards by updating and clarifying standards and adding training and inspection requirements.


The rule incorporates advances in technology, industry best practices, and national consensus standards to provide effective and cost-efficient worker protection. The rule benefits employers by providing greater flexibility in choosing a fall protection system. OSHA estimates that the rule will prevent 29 fatalities and 5,842 lost-workday injuries every year.


New Ladder Safety Standards Set: The new rule brought forward by OSHA sets out a requirement for employers to have ladder safety or personal fall-arrest systems for fixed ladders that extend more than 24 feet. It phases out the use of cages or wells for fall protection, and everything is to be implemented under a very precise timeline.


November 19, 2018: All fixed ladders over 24 feet high must be equipped with a personal fall arrest system Each fixed ladder that is over 24 feet high and was installed after November 19, 2018, must be equipped with a personal fall arrest system or a ladder safety. Existing fixed ladders installed prior to this date that use cages or wells will be required to incorporate ladder safety systems or personal fall arrest systems by 2036.


Safety At The Top Of The Ladder: Ladders are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and are a useful tool in many industries and for a large variety of applications. Construction, Oil and Gas, Outdoor Advertising, Utilities, General Industry, or Welding are relevant examples of such working environments where fixed ladders are a prerequisite for workers to get their job done safely and efficiently. For companies whose employees need to climb fixed ladders at work, Honeywell Miller® ladder safety solutions are designed to fit the unique requirements of each job site. This keeps workers safe and enables them to quickly and easily perform their tasks.


Honeywell's ladder climbing systems combine cable and rail pre-configured kits along with customizable solutions, accessories, and options designed to fit virtually any environment. This enables companies to provide consistent, safe climbing throughout their entire facility.


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