Safety Supplies Crib: Keys to Effective Management

Workplace accidents and hazards don't wait around for your employees to have the right safety supplies and equipment in place to prevent or mitigate disaster. Too little of the right safety supplies or personal protective equipment puts your workers at risk and too much of it inflates your costs and puts a strain on your bottom line.

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As a safety manager who is responsible for your company's safety supplies crib, you have an awesome responsibility.  Not only are the safety products in the crib expensive, a missing part could cause days or weeks of delay in your production.

One of the biggest challenges faced by Safety Supplies Crib Managers is the loss of control of the inventory.  In order to maintain inventory control, you can:

  • Secure the crib space,
  • Take frequent inventory,
  • Charge the losses to users,
  • Implement a high-performance labeling system using scanable bar code labels.

Whatever you do, the bottom line is that you have to know what you have, where it is going and where it's been.

Here are some strategies common in safety supplies crib management.

1) Free to Roam

Believe it or not, some companies have a free-to-roam system. If you need a safety product, you just go in and get it. This can get a little out of hand, so some give keys to only a select few.

2) Stocked and locked 

With this Only safety supplies crib clerks have access to the safety products.

3) Count the inventory

Over and over again. Some companies cycle-count 3 � 5 times a week to ensure they have the correct inventory on hand.

4) Automate PPE replenishment

On-site vending machines allow for the tracking and automatic replenishment of commonly used Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and safety supplies. 

Arbill's Rapid Restockâ„¢ program replenishes your supplies with expedited overnight shipping.

Arbill has multiple options that you can leverage to ensure you have the correct supplies on hand while also controlling costs. Speak with an Arbill Safety Expert today to get started.