Tips for Complying With OSHA's Walking-Working Surfaces Rules

Are falls a concern to you or your workers? Do you regularly inspect walking-working surfaces? Do you correct and guard against hazardous conditions? Are you committed to a safe working environment at your company?

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Keeping current with legal changes is a necessary first step. Just over a year ago, in November of 2016, OSHA published its final rule on Walking and Working Surfaces, updating the existing standard. These new updates apply to all general industry workplaces, covering surfaces like floors, stairs, ladders, ramps, scaffolds and elevated walkways. This final rule also covers a wide variety of general industries, and although it does not change current agricultural or construction standards, these new standards are meant to more closely align with modern construction requirements.

Are you compliant? Read more about the changes by checking out 3M's blog, Walking the Walk...Tips for Complying with the Final OSHA Walking-Working Surfaces Rules.

This blog includes some helpful resources such as:

  • A short video that helps explain many of the walking working regulatory changes
  • A regulation summary prepared by the technical specialists at 3M
  • A helpful infographic that outlines many of the changes

Your Arbill representative is here to help assess your locations for workplace hazards and compliance gaps to help you build a Culture of Safety in your organization. To learn more how you can protect your workers from falls and other serious workplace hazards, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation with one of our safety experts today by calling 1-800-523-5367.

Have a safe day!