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Avoiding Workplace Accidents: Orientation Sets the Tone

Julie Copeland

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Workplace OrientationHappy Monday, everyone. Arbill’s here to wish you and your workers a happy, healthy work week. To help you out, we’re focusing on avoiding workplace accidents this week on the blog. But before we begin, a shocking statistic: Poor work habits among employees cause more than 80% of workplace accidents. The good news? Habits can be changed with the proper information.

The first tip for preventing accidents in the workplace is providing a thorough orientation experience for new employees.  Here are 3 tips:
  1. Priority -- Don’t put off an employee’s orientation! Even if there is a rigid and busy schedule in the way, make orientation a priority. If a new worker doesn’t know how things operate, there is a higher chance for accidents and injury.
  2. General First -- If you run an intensive program on the first day, the new employee is not going to be able to retain all of the information. This leads to either an attitude of apathy toward training -- just going through the motions to get it over with -- or a feeling of overwhelmed inferiority -- in which case the worker may be hesitant to ask questions. Either way, safety standards are likely to be breached. Start general and ease into the specifics.
  3. Consistency -- Make sure that all employees are receiving consistent safety messages, training and information on best practices. An employee’s introduction to your company sets the tone for how he or she works -- if you don’t want inconsistent and unorganized work, don’t give an inconsistent and unorganized orientation.

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