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Avoiding Workplace Accidents: Job Safety Analyses

Julie Copeland

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Job Safety AnalysesWelcome back to the Arbill Blog, where accident prevention is the theme this week. This post is all about the JSA. A Job Safety Analysis (JSA), also known as a Job Hazard Analysis, is implemented to prevent hazards before they can start. Breaking down potential hazards is crucial to avoiding accidents in the workplace.  

When organizing a JSA for a particular job, make sure these 3 steps are implemented:
  1. Break down the job into a sequence of steps
  2. Identify potential hazards
  3. Determine preventive measures to overcome these hazards
For example, a JSA for a job to “park a vehicle” could look like this:

JOB: Park Vehicle

a)    Vehicle is too close to passing traffic.
b)    Vehicle is on uneven and soft ground.
c)    Vehicle may roll.

a)    Drive to an area that is clear of traffic and turn on emergency flashers.
b)    Choose a firm, level parking area.
c)    Use the parking break; leave transmission in PARK; place blocks in front and back of the wheel, diagonally opposite to the flat.

Not only do JSAs improve safety and prevent accidents, but they also provide an opportunity for workers and supervisors to collaborate and communicate. And it’s the positive workplace relationships that ensure the continuation of safety in the future.

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