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Fall Safety

Julie Copeland

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Hi everyone.  We at Arbill hope that this blog finds you and your employees safe this morning.  Our hearts go out to those affected by Sandy and wish for a speedy recovery.

What a season we had on the east coast.  During September and October we witnessed the beauty of the leaves changing colors and falling gently to the ground and then so suddenly, the wrath of Sandy.  While many people managed to get their downed leaves raked before Sandy appeared, most of us didn’t and now have a tremendous task ahead of us.

If that blanket of downed leaves awaits you, Arbill wants to remind you that safety is key.  Here are some tips to help.

Choose your tools wisely:  The right rake for you may not be the right C  Documents and Settings ebresinger Desktop Raking Leaves 201x300 resized 600rake for someone else.  Make sure that your rake has a comfortable fit for your height. TIP – lighter isn’t always better…the lighter the rake, the more energy you will need to use to move the leaves.  If possible, choose a heavier rake that has a handle with gripping material. 

Dress appropriately: Wear lightweight clothes that keep you warm enough without trapping sweat you may build up.  Shoes or boots should be supportive and should have non-slip soles – especially around wet leaves.  Safety gloves should be worn and should have gripping materials to help keep hold of the rake. 

Warm-up before you start: Although you might not realize it – an hour of raking can burn nearly 300 calories…quite the workout.  Before you start you should do a few gentle warm-up exercises to get your blood flowing and to prevent straining of your shoulders, neck and back muscles.

Maintain good posture: Raking can play games with your neck and your back.  Stand straight and rake leaves to the side of you.  Change hands now and then to avoid stress. Bend at the knees (not waist) when you are bending to pick up leaves.  Avoid twisting by stepping to the side and switching positions.

Take breaks:  The repetitiveness of raking can become painful after a while.  Take a rest every 10 to 15 minutes.

Stay hydrated:  Drink lots of water

Arbill also wants to remind everyone that except for Arizona and Hawaii, it is time to Fall behind one hour this weekend.  Clocks should be changed at 2 am on Sunday November 4th, 2012 

Have a happy Thursday but be sure to return tomorrow for our post on Avoiding Hand Injuries.

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