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Evaluating Your Safety Training

Julie Copeland

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It’s the end of another week and we’re happy to have you back.  This week we have been talking about Safety Training. We talked aboutSafety Training why you need to provide safety training and the challenge of providing that training to your diverse workforce.

With the expectation of keeping your employees safe by reducing and avoiding workplace hazards, you did the right thing and provided safety training for your employees.  Was the training successful?

Evaluating the program effectiveness will help determine the amount of learning and whether an employee’s performance has improved on the job.  Some methods of evaluating the safety training are:

Student opinion: Questionnaires and discussions with employees can help determine the relevance and appropriateness of the training program;

Supervisors’ observations: Supervisors are in good positions to observe an employee’s performance both before and after the training and to note improvements or changes;

Workplace improvements:  The ultimate success of a training program my be changes throughout the workplace that result in reduced injury or accident rates;

Formal assessments:  Practical and written exams work well in evaluating the employees’ understanding of the training materials.  For example, for a lift-truck operator, a written and a practical exam would identify areas of training that may need to be revisited.  Administering a pre-test as well as a post-test can help to establish a knowledge base line or a reference point to measure training effectiveness.

Remember, training is not one size fits all and must be address the needs of your diverse workforce.  As the evaluations are reviewed, it might become evident that the training was not adequate and that the employees did not reach the expected level of knowledge and skill required in their position. Professional, experienced trainers are the key to a great training experience.

If you are interested in speaking to an Arbill representative about safety training, please visit Arbill.com.  Subscribing to the Arbill Safety BLOG will ensure that you don’t miss out on our great safety information that will help keep your employees safe.  Have a wonderful safe week-end and we’ll see you on Monday.






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