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Selecting Proper Hearing Protection

Julie Copeland

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Hearing protection is required if a worker is subject to noise above 85 decibels over an eight-hour period. If hearing protection is required, then a compleSelecting Proper Hearing Protectionte hearing loss prevention program should be instituted.  We will discuss hearing loss prevention programs in our next blog. 

The effectiveness of hearing protection is reduced greatly if the hearing protection devices do not fit properly or if they are worn only part time during periods of noise exposure. To maintain their effectiveness, they should not be modified. Remember, radio headsets are not substitutes for hearing protectors and should not be worn where hearing protectors are required to protect against exposure to noise.

Select hearing protection that:

  • Is correctly selected for your environment;
  • Is fitted and comfortable enough to be accepted and worn;
  • Is as light and comfortable as possible;
  • Offers the best level of protection. Review the Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) for the specific hearing protection devices available;
  • Is compatible with other PPE such as hard hats, respiratory protection and eye protection.

Arbill’s Safety Tip:  Reusable or disposable earplugs can be inserted into the ear to protect against hearing loss.  Earmuffs can also be used; however, these require a complete seal around the entire ear to be effective.

Arbill offers a diverse range of hearing protection as well as the expertise to guarantee that your employees will be properly protected.  We don’t sell you safety products and walk away – we care about the outcome and making sure that every single worker goes home safely every single day  Visit arbill.com or contact your Arbill representative today to discuss how to keep your employees safe while increasing your profit.

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