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Reconsidered Safety Posts: Hands And Gloves

Julie Copeland

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safety,hand injuries,reduce the risk for injury,hand protectionWelcome back to this week's Arbill blog series Reconsidered Safety Posts, where we're looking back at past informative blog posts with common workplace safety themes.

Our first installment, Slips, Trips and Falls revisted two articles that explored both safety prevention efforts and videos showing the stark realities for slips, trips and falls.

For today's allotment, we're reexamining two past blog posts that deal with reducing the risk of injury to hands through glove education. Our hands are the most-often injured and chemical-exposed parts of our bodies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are more than 100,000 lost-time hand injuries each year.

Reconsider: Workplace Safety Gloves -- New Trends

This post explains everything you need to know about appropriate hand protection where there is exposure to hazards. Read about the different types of glove designs that exist, selecting the right gloves for a particular job and how to care for your protective gloves.

Reconsider: Workplace Safety -- Avoiding Hand Injuries

This post provides a running list of workplace safety tips for hand protection. By adhering to the safety suggestions found in this guide you are better equipped for avoiding a whole host of very serious hand injuries.

We hope you found it helpful to take a trip back to these past blog posts about gloves and hand injuries. By using protective gloves properly and taking the appropriate precautions, these efforts either significantly reduce or completely eliminate hand injuries in the workplace.

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Topics: safety, hand injuries, reduce the risk for injury, hand protection

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