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Reconsidered Safety Posts: Eye Injuries

Julie Copeland

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workplace injuries,keep your employees safe,Reducing Workplace Injuries,safety,eye injuries,eye protection,reduce workplace injuries,protect workers on the job,common workplace accidents,workplace accidents,safety issuesWelcome to this week's final installment of the Arbill blog series Reconsidered Safety Posts. Over this past week, we've looked back at a series of posts on categories of common workplace accidents: Slips, Trips And Falls and Hands And Gloves.

For the third installment in this series, we are setting our sights on eye injuries incurred in the workplace. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, each day about 2,000 US workers have a job-related eye injury that requires medical treatment. On top of that, eye injuries cost more than $300 million per year in lost production time, medical expenses and workers' compensation.

The amazing thing is ... 90% of all eye injuries that happen in the workplace are preventable.

Reconsider: Eye Injuries In The Workplace And How To Avoid Them

This post offers up tips for avoiding eye injuries in the workplace. From indentifying workplace hazards to appropriate eye protection, this guide delivers effective methods for protecting workers on the job through preventative measures.

Reconsider: Eye Injuries -- Selecting Proper Eyewear

There's more to finding the appropriate eye protection for reducing the risk of eye injuries in the workplace than you might imagine. This blog post details out how to assess your workplace to indentify existing hazards that necessitate the use of eye protection. Based on that accessment, there is a wide range of protective eyewear suited for various hazards.

Reconsider: Protect Your Eyes With Eye Protection -- There's No Reason Not To!

This blog post on eye protection drills down on the types of eye protection that exist while also highlighting the importance of ensuring that your workers know exactly what protection is expected for their specific job and where they can find available protective eyewear and how to care for them.

Thanks again for taking this look back with us to revisit commonly themed Arbill blog posts about some of the most common workplace accidents. We hope you've found them to be a great reminder that, although these accidents happen with far too much frequency, almost every single incident is entirely preventable through workplace safety efforts.

Ready to learn more about preventing eye injuries through workplace safety efforts? Call 800-523-5367 to speak with an Arbill Safety Specialist or click on the button below.

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