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The Top Two Workplace Safety Products You Should Never Overlook

Julie Copeland

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It isn’t shocking to learn that implementing safety products and equipment in the workplace is the most logical way to prevent workplace accidents and injuries from occurring.

Even so, logic is not always enough to convince people to make the right choice for themselves. Thankfully, the government has recognized this and in the last few years has established strict rules and regulations requiring workers to wear the appropriate protective attire. Now wearing safety equipment is not only worn to prevent injury but to prevent lawsuits as well.

Although to some these laws may seem too uptight, they exist and are enforced for many good reasons. Wearing protective safety equipment is an incredibly effective way to prevent major workplace injuries while working in a variety of potentially dangerous environments.

There are two areas of the body particularly susceptible to workplace injuries, which also happen to be two of the most important body parts required to perform a job: hands and feet.

Safety Shoes: Who Uses Them And Why Are They So Important?

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There are a wide range of industriesthat must use safety shoes in order to keep workers’ feet safe and shielded from harm, such as construction, farming and certain military jobs. Protective footwear is specifically designed to protect the feet in dangerous environments.

For example, on any given construction job, a nail could be stepped on or toes could be crushed by a heavy object. Wearing safety shoes or boots prevents these types of workplace injuries from occurring. At the very least, safety shoes greatly minimize the damage caused by such workplace accidents.

Safety shoes must be worn by anyone working in an industrial environment that poses potentially dangerous risks for anyone’s feet. Different environments give opportunity to different dangers, so safety shoes perform a variety of different functions. 

Safety shoes provide the following:

  • Protection from sharp objects and crushing injuries
  • Prevention of slipping with non-slip soles
  • Prevention of  contact with hazardous substances
  • Shock absorption to the feet
  • Support for ankles
  • Waterproof protection

Now that the importance of protecting your feet in the workplace is established, it’s time we moved on to their equally important counterpart: the hands.

 Why Are Safety Gloves Necessary And What Kind Of Glove Is Best?

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Safety gloves are necessary for protection against a number of possible harmful objects in the workplace. But unlike safety shoes that have a number of functions, there are a variety of safety gloves built to protect hands for many types of jobs.

There are so many things that could cause severe harm to a worker’s hands, such as chemicals, fire, sharp objects and more. That’s why there’s a wide range of styles of safety gloves fit to protect workers of the specific danger their job presents.

It is important to take safety glove buying seriously. There are many different gloves for many different needs, each one perfectly suited to specific working environments. You should never assume that a heavy-duty glove is an all-purpose glove. On the other hand, a flexible glove is not the right choice for a heavy-duty task.

How to find the right glove? Arbill offers up to 15 different types of gloves, with an abundance of options to choose from within each glove type. Check them out by following this link: http://arbill.com/products/HAND.aspx.

Before purchasing your safety gloves, you must understand what you are protecting your hands from and the material it must be made of in order to do your job accurately and safely. An example of this is anti-vibration safety gloves. They alleviate arm fatigue while operating power tools, allowing the worker wearing them to work harder and longer. 

Wearing protective gear, especially on your hands and feet is not only the smart thing to do, but it is the safe and legal thing to do as well. Go out today and purchase safety shoes and your correct type of safety gloves. There’s no telling when a workplace accident will happen.

Ready to learn more about preventing common workplace injuries with safety products and equipment? Call 800-523-5367 or click on the button below to speak with a safety specialist at Arbill.

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