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Top 5 Ways To Beat Heat-Related Illness While Working In The Hot Sun

Julie Copeland

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Working outside and being in the shining sun during the day sounds like a great idea to some people. However, if you’re going to be outside in the sun, it’s very important to stay cool and eliminate as many heat-related injuries (HRI) and illnesses as possible.

Pushing yourself too hard in the heat leads to serious workplace injuries and illnesses, and sometimes even death. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to stay cool while working outside, and all of them help to minimize HRIs.

1.    Drink Water Every 15 Minutes

Becoming dehydrated is the easiest and quickest way to an HRI. Drinking water every 15 minutes helps you stay hydrated and prolongs your productivity. If you experience lightheadedness or fatigue, be sure to get some water or other fluids in your system as soon as possible.

2.   Wear A Hat And Light-Colored Clothing

Wearing a hat helps reduce HRIs because it keeps the sun off your face, preventing dehydration and disorientation from the heat (to a certain degree). There are also cooling bandanas available. Light-colored clothing is also a good idea when working in hot outside temperatures, because they absorb less heat than darker clothing does.

3.   Rest In The Shade

Taking a break in the shade is a great way to cool off and helps prevent HRIs. Take routine breaks in the shade, away from the sun, and recharge yourself for the rest of the workday.

4.   Take A Break If You’re Tired

If you are feeling fatigued or dehydrated, take a quick break. You are much less productive when you are exhausted, and breaks are necessary to recharge. In the long run, you get more (and better) work done if you take breaks when you need them. Being tired or exhausted on the job leads to any number of workplace injuries and illness. In the heat, fatigue easily contributes to the onset of HRIs.

5.   Keep An Eye On Fellow Workers

Always keep a tab on your coworkers and look for any symptoms indicating someone is experiencing an HRI. Symptoms include: obvious fatigue, profuse perspiration and/or heavy breathing. Before their symptoms get worse, get them some water and walk to them to a shaded place for a break.

While HRIs happen really fast in hot temperatures, following a few simple guidelines listed above easily prevent them from occurring. Take advantage of any trick available to you to stay cool.

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