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Fatal Distractions

Julie Copeland

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Stay Safe On The Road This Holiday SeasonStay safe on the road this holiday season.

As a safety supplier, we observe too often workers being distracted and hurting themselves or putting others at risk. At Arbill, we don’t just sell safety products. We dedicate ourselves to educating and protecting workers everyday so they are safe at work and return safely to their homes at the end of the day. 

At this time of year, it’s even more difficult to stay focused during the holiday season. Beyond the distractions we may have at work in late December,most of us have additional distractions in our lives. It’s easy to take our eyes off the task at hand, especially now, as many of us are trying to do more to prepare for the holidays.  

With more people on the roads, it’s especially important to keep our focus when we’re behind the wheel. That message is painfully clear in a video created by DuPont Sustainable Solutions entitled: Fatal Distractions: Keep Your Eyes On The Road – A Fatal Text Message.  

I encourage you to watch this video and share it with those you care about – especially young drivers who are more likely to pick up their phones while driving.  

Click here to watch the video.  

This program is one of a 12-part series, Fatal Distractions: Keep Your Eyes On The Road, that features real-life stories of lives lost and loved ones left behind all because of distracted driving. I understand you can preview and purchase additional segments from this series online, or get instant access through CoastalFlix™ streaming video.  

Please be safe when you travel and keep others safe by sharing this important safety message. Keep in mind when you drive that there are more cars on the road, young drivers coming home from school, people trying to complete last minute shopping, and those who are drinking at holiday parties and assuming they are fine to drive. Weather can also be a factor this time of year as we deal with sleet, snow and ice. Please be careful.  

From all of us at Arbill, we wish you and all of the people in your life a SAFE and happy holiday season!

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