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Safety Focus: Special Teams

Julie Copeland

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I’ve often said that the secret sauce in our safety business is our people. 

Novo Bojovic keeps his eye on the ball for Arbill clients.

We can talk about our quality safety products and services, passion for keeping workers safe and that we’re a 3rd generation, women owned business, but the true source of our success since 1945 continues to be our highly skilled and dedicated people. Case in point – Novo Bojovic.  

I don’t normally focus this communication on individuals. Novo Bojovic is just one of dozens of outstanding individuals that make up the safety team at Arbill. However, Novo represents what Arbill is all about. This down-to-earth safety professional cares deeply about his coworkers and clients with the same passion he displayed for the game of football and his teammates so many years ago. He's a winner on and off the field.

You may be familiar with the name Novo Bojovic from his days as an NFL and USFL kicker.  Yes, Novo was a professional athlete. He played college football at Central Michigan before embarking on a career in professional football which lasted nine years.  

Beginning his career in pro football with the United States Football League's Michigan Panthers in 1983, Novo played in his first of two USFL championship games in his rookie season of 1983. In the 1983 USFL championship game the Michigan Panthers defeated the Philadelphia Stars 24–22 to become USFL champions. After playing a second season with the Michigan Panthers in 1984, Novo joined the roster of the Oakland Invaders for the 1985 USFL season. Novo’s career in the USFL ended with his second appearance in a USFL championship game. That year the Oakland Invaders lost to the Baltimore Stars 28–24 in the USFL's final championship game.

After three seasons in the USFL, Novo had a brief career in the National Football League playing with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1985. He next had a successful five-year career in theArena Football League with the Detroit Drive from 1988 to 1992. During his five years with the Detroit Drive the Drive won four Arena Bowl championships 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1992.  

A skilled safety strategist and planner, Novo understands how to keep workers safe and what it takes to develop a Culture of Safety in an organization. Arbill clients love Novo’s team approach and dedication… his discipline and drive. With a sparkle in his eye and an infectious laugh, Novo is a true original and he achieves positive results for our clients -- keeping workers safe and helping them to be more productive.  

In a recent meeting at Arbill, Novo was asked if he could still kick a 50 yard field goal. Without hesitation, our 53 year-old safety specialist insisted he could. Without athletic apparel, just an old pair of cleats in his trunk, Novo drove to a local field in Northeast Philadelphia to show what he could do.

I’d like to share an amateur video of our own Novo Bojovic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nlQkVuGSNo

If your organization wants to build a Culture of Safety and learn more about developing an effective safety training program for your facility, call 800-523-5367 or click on this link to speak with a safety specialist at Arbill. 

Have a Safe Day!

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