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Are You in Violation?

Julie Copeland

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Every year, Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) reports on the Top 10Are you in violation with OSHA?
Most Frequently Cited Violations. Though OSHA last reported on this in September, this information is well worth sharing.  

The most frequently cited standards following inspections of worksites by federal OSHA is a published list to alert employees about these commonly cited standards. OSHA does this so employees can recognize and eliminate these hazards. Preventable injuries happen in the workplace every day, which is why we are sharing this information.    

It’s important to identify where employers are falling short of protecting their employees. It’s also important that OSHA call attention to these infractions so they can be corrected BEFORE any harm comes to those working in those environments.

  OSHA's 2013 TOP TEN Most Frequently Cited Violations

1. Fall protection (C)

2. Hazard communication

3. Scaffolding (C)

4. Respiratory protection

5. Electrical: wiring

6. Powered industrial trucks

7. Ladders (C)

8. Lockout/tagout

9. Electrical: systems design

10. Machine guarding

(C) = Construction standards









The preliminary figures for the FY 2013 Top 10 include:

Standard                                                        Total Violations

1.  1926.501 – Fall Protection                                8,241

2.  1910.1200 – Hazard Communication                  6,156

3.  1926.451 – Scaffolding                                     5,423

4.  1910.134 – Respiratory Protection                      3,879

5.  1910.305 – Electrical, Wiring Methods                3,452

6.  1910.178 – Powered Industrial Trucks                 3,340

7.  1926.1053 – Ladders                                        3,311

8.  1910.147 – Lockout/Tagout                               3,254

9.  1910.303 – Electrical, General Requirements       2,745

10. 1910.212 – Machine Guarding                            2,701


OSHA Inspections

FY 2013 Total Federal inspections: 39,228

FY 2013 Total 18(b) State Plan inspections: 50,436

The total number of violations cited in 2013 is: 42,502

In addition to more frequent visits from OSHA, the OSHA leadership team also modified its Field Operations Manual for the purpose of driving up average and total penalties per inspection (i.e., by raising minimum penalties, average penalties, and eliminating penalty reductions available for size and safe history).  As a result, the average per Serious violation penalty doubled from the Bush Administration (approx. $1,000 per violation) to the end of Obama’s first term (approx. $2,000 per violation).  OSHA’s leadership team has expressed a goal of continuing to grow that average to approx. $3,000 per Serious violation. 


Worker injuries, illnesses and fatalities                                                                              

4,383 workers were killed on the job in 2012 (3.2 per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers) – on average, more than 84 a week or nearly 12 deaths every day. (This is the second lowest preliminary total since the fatal injury census was first conducted in 1992.)

708 Hispanic or Latino workers were killed from work-related injuries in 2012–on average, more than 13 deaths a week or nearly two Latino workers killed every single day of the year, all year long.

Fatal work injuries involving contractors accounted for 16 percent of all fatal work injuries in 2012.


Construction's "Fatal Four"  

Out of 3,945 worker fatalities in private industry in calendar year 2012, 775 or 19.6% were in construction. The leading causes of worker deaths on construction sites were falls, followed by struck by object, electrocution, and caught-in/between. These "Fatal Four" were responsible for nearly three out of five (56%) construction worker deaths in 2012, BLS reports. Eliminating the Fatal Four would save 435 workers' lives in America every year.

 • Falls – 278 out of 775 total deaths in construction in CY 2012 (36%)

 • Struck by Object – 78 (10%)

 • Electrocutions – 66 (9%)  

 • Caught-in/between – 13 (2%)


Like OSHA, Arbill is committed to working with organizations to prevent these injuries and fatalities, and ensure that communication tower workers and all workers that deal with potential fall hazards are adequately protected.

Our Mission is to help every worker make it home safely. At Arbill, we take safety and violations very seriously. Your Arbill representative can help assess your locations for workplace hazards and help build a Culture of Safety in your organization. To learn more how you can protect your workers from slips, trips and falls, and other serious workplace hazards, contact us or visit our website.

Have a safe day!

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