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Mastering Your Corporate Connections

Julie Copeland

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I had a wonderful opportunity to attend and moderate a session at an event sponsored by Women’sWBENC event on 5-9-14. Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) held on May 9, 2014 at The Union League, in Philadelphia, PA.

The Power Up Your Pitch and Master the Corporate Connection gave WBENC members a forum to interact and learn from business leaders representing women-owned organizations in the Pennsylvania-Delaware-Southern New jersey area.

Participating in these types of events (breakfast/luncheon workshops) is important for a couple of reasons.

  • Every time I attend an event like the one on Friday, I learn something new that can help me improve how I connect with potential customers.

  • The networking opportunities at these types of events are invaluable personally and professionally… and open doors to business.

As the leader of a growing company, I can only attend a limited number of events and conferences. However, attending such events is a worthwhile investment. Connecting with one’s peers in an educational setting is a commitment to improve. So the WBENC educational event was good investment of time for both me and my marketing manager.

In the Power Up Your Pitch portion of the session, Lynthia Romney, President of RomneyCom, LLC led an interactive workshop on creating/fine tuning one’s elevator pitch. Attendees were asked to write and present an introduction to their peers in a roundtable format. The challenge was education in not only learning about other businesses, but in composing and delivering a clear and concise message suitable for introducing our business in any situation.

I then had the privilege of introducing and moderating three outstanding presenters representing three large corporations in the Master the Corporate Connection presentation. The focus was to share best practices in approaching these individuals/corporations at business events, techniques for introductions, doing one’s research and leveraging connections. The session was very insightful and quite interactive with audience members asking each of the panelists specific questions about initial meetings, leave-behinds and follow-up communications.

Yes, there was also opportunity for me to speak about Arbill’s passion for safety and how we can help corporations reduce injuries and save money on their overall safety cost, but the session was not about me or my company. It was about connecting women business leaders and building relationships.

In late June, I have the unique privilege of taking center stage on behalf of Arbill at the WBENC National Conference in Philadelphia. This single event will bring more than 3,500 women-owned businesses together in the City of Brotherly Love (and Sisterly Affection).  Arbill is proud to be the Co-Chair of this event and play a very active role in bringing businesses together.

Whether you plan to attend the national WBENC conference or not, I encourage you to continually take advantage of educational sessions and networking opportunities. Since part of our business is EH&S Services and Education Programs, we see the value every day in helping workers understand the importance of being safe. We track how our training reduces incidents in the workplace and reduces cost. We measure how our services help to build a Culture of Safety that impacts how workers adopt best practices.

Safety education and the use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial in protecting employees from injury. Contact your Arbill representative to learn how to reduce workplace injuries. Subscribe to our blog here and visit arbill.com often.

Have a safe day!

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