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Let's Celebrate Safety!

Julie Copeland

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We’re reminded at this time of year by the National Safety Council that June is National Safety Month -- http://www.nsc.org/nsc_events/Nat_Safe_Month/Pages/home.aspx. Most organizations will not call attention to this or promote this in any way. At Arbill, we’reArbill celebrates Safety Awareness Month. passionate about keeping workers safe!

Right now, as this blog is being posted, Arbill employees are gathered in Northeast Philadelphia for a barbeque sponsored by a dedicated volunteer group -- our Safety Committee. Employees were asked to take a summer safety quiz. Their participation in the quiz is their ticket to the barbeque. Jeans, which are normally not permitted, were approved for the outdoor event. And safety – keeping workers safe – is at the heart of the celebration.

Yesterday, Arbill’s recorded number of worker’s protected climbed to 303,197. That’s how many workers Arbill is protecting in the United States today. It’s a number we’re proud to feature on the front page of our website. It’s a figure that represents not only those workers and the organizations they work for, but the families who expect those workers to come home at the end of the day just as safely as when they went to work.

According to the US Department of Labor, nearly 3.0 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by private industry employers in 2012. More than one-half of the nearly 3.0 million private industry injury and illness cases reported nationally in 2012 were of a more serious nature that involved days away from work, job transfer, or restriction. These cases occurred at a rate of 1.8 cases per 100 full-time workers, statistically unchanged annually since 2009.

The data also indicates that more than 2.8 million (94.8 percent) of the nearly 3.0 million nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses in 2012 were injuries. Among injuries, 2.1 million (75.2 percent) occurred in service-providing industries, which employed 82.4 percent of the private industry workforce. The remaining 0.7 million injuries (24.8 percent) occurred in goods-producing industries, which accounted for 17.6 percent of private industry employment in 2012.

As an organization dedicated to making employees safe by reducing numbers of injuries, we’ve been able to promote safety from within. The concept of being and acting safe isn’t just something we market. It starts with our employees.

So today, this month and throughout the year, Arbill celebrates safety. We do this to protect those 303,197 workers and those who mean the most to them. We do this because we have a passion for safety, for safety education and for safety products.

How are you celebrating Safety Awareness Month? Are you sharing electronic communications about keeping workers safe? Are you posting new signage that calls attention to safety awareness? Is your leadership talking the safety talk and leading by example?

If your organization needs training to create a safer environment so that your employees feel safer, your production goes up and your costs are reduced, Arbill can help you. We can visit your facility, assess your safety needs, train your employees at their convenience and help your employees feel as safe and productive as possible.

For more information about making your workplace safer, contact the safety specialists at 800.523.5367 or visit www.arbill.com.

Have a safe day!


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