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Serving the U.S. Government

Julie Copeland

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Each week I try to touch on a safety topic that provides information of value. This week, I’dArbill goes to Washington. like to focus on something that has inspired me personally and our team at Arbill.

In the past few months, after a long vetting process, Arbill was approved as to be a trusted partner of the United States government. What that means is in addition to supplying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and supplies, Arbill is able to help various government agencies save costs by reducing injuries as well as offering dedicated training to help protect employees in workplace safety.

This government approval led to a unique and unforgettable opportunity last week -- a series of meetings at the Pentagon.

As my two colleagues and I drove up to the Pentagon, we were all overwhelmed by so many emotions. First, approaching the epicenter of incredible brain power that works with such a great commitment to maintain our freedoms. As a seasoned international business traveler, I feel there is no better place than the United States of America. The second emotion was tied around the remembrance of 9/11 and how that day changed our country, and our Pentagon with so many lives lost. 

Once we were inside, our excitement shifted to the people we were meeting -- the hands we would shake, the brilliance, the passion, the commitment to love of country.  Washington is my favorite city in our country because of all this energy, all the possibilities, all the love for this wonderful country. 

Tears filled my eyes when we stood at the exact point of impact on 9/11. We were all moved by the importance of where we stood and the many sacrifices of those brave souls.

We were then introduced to General Peter Pace, a retired United States Marine Corps general who served as the 16th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the first Marine appointed to the United States' highest-ranking military office. We also met with several other high ranking officials including Jessica Wright the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness United States Department of Defense. Ms Wright was previously the Adjutant General of Pennsylvania for the Pennsylvania Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. She is one of the highest ranking civilians in our military.

To be in the presence of such accomplished patriots was incredibly inspiring. They welcomed us, shared stories and talked about what drives them. Together we discussed the importance of keeping government workers safe. We were also challenged to design ways to reduce incidents – which is our mission – making sure workers make it home safe at the end of each day. 

I wanted to savor every moment of our Pentagon experience. We posed for some photos and exchanged contact information. Leaving the grounds that day, I remarked that this is one of those days that we will look back and remember as a defining moment in our company history… and one where we realized that we were not only keeping America’s workers safe, but we were now also helping to keep America’s protectors safe.

If your organization needs training to create a safer environment, Arbill can help you keep your employees safe, improve your production and reduce your safety spend. We can visit your facility, assess your safety needs, train your employees at their convenience and help your employees feel as safe and productive as possible.

For more information about making your workplace safer, contact the safety specialists at 800.523.5367 or visit www.arbill.com.

May God bless America, and have a safe day!

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