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Protect Your Hands and Fight the Cold!

Julie Copeland

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Colder temps can hamper the tasks at hand and slow production. It also makes workers more susceptiblecold_weather_gloves to injuries.

Cold is an occupational health hazard for many types of workers . It's important to keep your hands warm and dry in cold weather to protect against the elements. Prolonged exposure to freezing or cold temperatures may cause serious health problems such as trench foot, frostbite and hypothermia. In extreme cases, including cold water immersion, exposure can lead to death.

OSHA’s standards for hand protection require employers to provide, and employees to use, personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves that are designed to help protect workers from injuries such as cuts, scrapes, punctures, and heat or cold. So it is extremely important to make certain that the gloves you select are adequate to protect against the specific hazards you come across while at work.

It’s also very important to use gloves that feature good grip, especially if using gloves in a cold environment. There are many gloves on the market that will protect against the cold, but it’s important to consider the grip for these gloves as well.

Selecting the right lining in safety gloves is key in hand protection. Here are the types of liners to consider when making a Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) decision for working in the cold:

  • Acrylic – Provides warmth and insulation.

  • Fleece – A brushed cotton lining provides warmth and comfort.

  • Foam – A synthetic foam padding liner for flexibility and fit in the cold.

  • Pile – A synthetic wool liner for durability and a little extra warmth.

  • Polyester Fiber – A hollow fiber insulation traps warm air for cold weather comfort.

  • Thinsulate® – A micro fiber insulation for exceptional warmth even when damp.

GearHead140Truline is introducing two new gloves that help protect against the cold and provides an outstanding level of protection. Truline’s GearHead140 A16900 Series provides a foam knuckle back pad for added comfort. The PVC diamond palm pattern and Terry thumb sweat pad provide added protection. The glove is winter-lined for cold resistance and waterproof. This fourchette style includes a Velcro strap on a Neoprene cuff.

Truline’s Gladiator A17690 Series is a grain pig insulated palm glove with that features a black pig grain palm, reflective knuckle strap with hi-viz yellow borders, and hi-viz orange Gladiator_A17690_back. The knit wrist cuff with 3” pull tab and insulated full sock ling helps to keep hands warm.

These new offerings from Truline were designed to protect workers and provide comfort in the cold.

Please remember the danger signs when working in cold temperatures. They include uncontrolled shivering, slurred speech, clumsy movements, fatigue and confused behavior. If these signs are observed, call for emergency help.

To learn more hand safety, and your Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), visit Arbill online at www.arbill.com or call 800-523-5367 to speak with an Arbill Safety Specialist.

Have a safe day!

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