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Stand-Down... And Save Lives by Preventing Falls

Julie Copeland

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In an effort to prevent tragic deaths and injuries, Occupational Health and SafetyArbill supports OSHA's Stand-Down message and the education of employers and workers to be safe every day. Administration (OSHA) is in the midst of a two week campaign to promote the prevention message in the 2015 National Fall Safety Stand-Down.

The goal this year is more than 20,000 Stand-Downs involving more than 3 million workers.

Fatalities caused by falls from elevation continue to be a leading cause of death for construction workers, accounting for 291 of the 828 construction fatalities recorded in 2013, according to OSHA.

Those fatalities could have been prevented.

During this Stand-Down campaign, employers and workers have been voluntarily stopping work to focus on these hazards and preventing them. Stand-Downs have been taking place in all 50 states. The U.S. Air Force is also involved with hosting fall Stand-Downs at bases worldwide.

We applaud OSHA for taking such a strong stand to prevent falls in construction. Last year, more than 5,000 employers talked about fall protection with more than a million workers. OSHA is hoping to expand that number of participants with this year's efforts.

According to Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health Dr. David Michaels, "The people that fall are not just numbers. They are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. The cost of building our nation and economy cannot be the lives of its workforce, and that's what this Stand-Down is all about. These deaths are preventable if we plan ahead, provide workers the right equipment and train each and every one of them how to use it."

If your organization is interested in participating, the National Safety Stand-Down Web page provides details on how to conduct a Stand-Down, receive a certificate of participation, and access free education and training resources, fact sheets and other outreach materials in English and Spanish.

We support the Stand-Down message and the education of employers and workers to be safe every day. Calling attention to the safety issues that potentially hurt workers creates awareness which leads to safer practices.

At Arbill, we envision a future in which every worker makes it home safely, every day. Working together, we WILL reduce injuries in the workplace. That’s our mission. That's how we can help organizations combat the rising costs of injuries... and, most importantly, protect their workers.

Proper training along with appropriate safety products (personal protective equipment -- PPE) can significantly reduce if not eliminate these injuries along with the cost burden associated. Let Arbill help you reach your goal of “0” injuries this year while growing a culture of safety within your organization. Contact your Arbill representative today to schedule your safety audit.  Visit arbill.com for more information and subscribe to the Arbill Safety Blog so that you never miss out on great safety tips and information.

Have a safe day!

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