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Arbill Celebrates ‘Living for Safety’

Julie Copeland

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Each June, the National Safety Council celebrates National Safety Month and focuses onArbill celebrates Safety Awareness Month with a lunch and safety training. reducing leading causes of injury and death at work, on the road and in our homes and communities. ​ And each June, Arbill employees embrace National Safety Month with a special focus on safety.

The 2015 National Safety Month is celebrating with the theme of “What I Live For.”  For some, we live for family. For others, it’s friendships, special events, and moments that drive us. Regardless of what motivates and inspires us, we engage in safe behaviors so we can live for what matters most.

For 100 years, the National Safety Council has been the leading safety advocate preventing unintentional injuries and death. To learn more about National Safety Month, visit http://www.nsc.org/act/events/Pages/national-safety-month.aspx?var=homepage3.

According to the National Safety Council, no matter the company size or industry, from construction sites to office buildings, employers who show they care about the safety of their employees see improved morale, increased productivity and lower costs. After all, you want all of your employees to go home safe and healthy.​ Arbill could not agree more!

Arbill’s Safety Committee kicked off National Safety Month on Friday, June 5th with a 2-hour Famous Dave’s BBQ lunch and live safety product demonstrations. All employees at Arbill’s headquarters in Philadelphia, PA were encouraged to attend the fun and educational event. It was an opportunity to bring different areas of the company together, enjoy a tasty meal, and to celebrate a common goal – safety in the workplace.

Representatives from Honeywell were here doing live safety demonstrations and answering safety questions. Sqwincher was also with us serving the latest from their growing product line of drinks designed to increase efficiency and minimize dehydration dangers.

To attend the safety luncheon, all Arbill employees needed to complete an online safety training course. The training certificate received at the end of the course was the ticket to the event.

Why do we celeArbill's Safety Committee sponsored a lunch and safety demonstrations.brate National Safety Month? For the 325,000+ workers who rely on us every day to keep them safe, our organization is one that eats and breathes safety.  We know first-hand the importance of keeping workers safe. We also know the value it brings to our customers as we build a culture of safety, just as we have built our own safety culture at Arbill. And in that safety culture, we celebrate safety success. We recognize those who have gone above and beyond to keep us safe. We share in milestones of injury-free days. While some companies just talk safety, we walk the walk. Every day.

If your company would like to discuss the benefits of creating a culture of safety, we’re here to help you. We have the expertise to keep your workers safe, raise safety awareness, educate your staff and empower each worker to make a difference.

At Arbill, we continually measure performance, share results and celebrate our success. It’s a natural part of our internal process… and that attitude towards safety naturally progresses to help our customers improve their own processes and results.

We protect more than 325,000 employees every day.  We are skilled at helping you build a culture of safety in your organization. To learn more how you can protect your workers and motivate your leaders, contact us or visit our website.  

Have a safe day!

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