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Communications are Key to Safety Success

Julie Copeland

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At the time that I am publishing this blog about the importance of communications in the website_header_ii.jpgworkplace, Arbill employees are meeting at our headquarters in Philadelphia, PA at our winter Town Hall sessions. Today (February 16, 2016) and this week, Arbill will present information to educate and inspire our family of employees. We’ll learn from internal and external experts, and we’ll share information that will ultimately help us work more in sync and better serve every customer.

At Arbill, we value communications and openly share the good news, as well as areas of improvement. We do this every day… not just at our quarterly Town Hall meetings. We do this because we believe in continuous improvement.  Plus, we hold each other accountable. We trust in one another. This, I believe, makes us a stronger organization. We have the highest standards for service and it starts with our leadership team and it touches every employee.

When we say we are passionate about safety and protecting workers, it’s not just talk. We are prepared to drive down the amount of injuries in every organization that we serve. We don’t just “sell” safety gloves, safety eyewear, etc. We provide the correct safety equipment (PPE) for the task at hand.  We don’t work from a sales quota. Our goals revolve around safety – the safety of your employees -- not the amount of units that we sell.

Communications are the key to success in any progressive company. Our customers and our employees should know at all times what we stand for. They should know why we are in business, how we help people, and the importance of keeping workers safe.

In today’s first Town Hall meeting, I have the pleasure of introducing a new website for Arbill. This past weekend, we transitioned our old website into something worth sharing – www.arbill.com. The new website tells our story, shows our passion, and helps our customers find what they need faster, easier and more effectively than in the past.

Our new site features:

  • Increased speed and improved functionality
  • Item search assist with item number suggestions and thumbnail images
  • Enhanced item detail pages with additional product information
  • New search results layout with easy to find grid format
  • Improved customer service capability
  • Better overall customer experience

We made the changes to our website because we listened to our customers. We heard the frustrations and so we made the technology investment to give our customers a better experience every time they visit our site or look to us for answers about safety. We listened and we improved.

Listening may be the single most important component about communication. Leaders like to talk and be heard. Truly successful leaders really listen.

Recently, many of our employees participated in a Lunch-n-Learn improvement series. The sessions touched on a number of topics – accountability, coaching, leadership, and more. One of the interactive sessions that helped our staff the most focused on listening. The instructor described listening as “the most used, most abused, least taught communication skill.”

At Arbill, we encourage our employees to listen and speak up, to make suggestions to improve the way we do things. And as we transition as a company to meet the changing needs of our customers, we will be better prepared to meet those needs by being open, by hearing needs, by sharing advice based on our unique industry experience -- advice that has worked for similar companies and situations.

I hope you visit www.arbill.com soon and often. Let us know about your experience… and how we can keep improving to meet your needs. Please know that we’re here to help you and your employees be safe. So whether it’s PPE or safety training and education services, we’re here for you.

Have a safe day!



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