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Critical Questions To Ask Before Selecting A Safety Partner (Part 2 of 3)

Julie Copeland

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As we continue our 3-part series this week on questions to ask before selecting a safety partner, let’s start with a brief review of the 2 questions covered previously.

In our initial blog on this topic we covered the merits of working with a safety partner who provides a comprehensive safety solution, from safety programs, safety training as well as Personal Protective Equipment. The take away is you want to determine if your provider can offer a one stop for solution for all of your safety needs.


We also delved into the benefits of working with a safety partner who manufacturers their own line of safety products. This is important as it provides you with the ability to have products customized to your specific needs, as well as pay less for equal, or better, quality than offered by the national brands.

To read the content covered in our previous blog, as well as get all 6 questions you should be asking, click here to download our comprehensive white paper on the topic.

Today we are going to focus on the value of your safety partner having multiple distribution centers and their real motive – is it creating a culture of safety within your organization or are they simply interested in moving inventory?

Question: Does your safety partner have multiple distribution centers across the country to reduce delivery time?

Having the right safety products when you need them is a critical component of keeping your workers safe. Having a safety partner with multiple distribution centers across the country assures shipping time is decreased and that your safety-related orders will arrive on time. 

To eliminate the wait time for your safety products altogether, ask your safety provider if they have the ability to create an on-site storeroom at your facility.

On a related note, ask your safety partner about their inventory control system, where their customer service call center is located (is it based in the United States?), as well as fill rates. These are all factors you should be considering when selecting your safety partner. 

Question: Is your safety partner more interested in “selling stuff” or creating a culture of safety within your organization?

When speaking to a potential safety partner it will be easy to determine if they are simply interested in selling you product or are truly interested in keeping your colleagues safe. When they focus on sale items, lesser quality products, discounts on overstocked merchandise, and so on, you know they are not nearly as interested in the safety of your colleagues as they are in moving product.

The reality is, while paying the lowest cost for PPE might appear to help your bottom line today, it is only when a comprehensive culture of safety is created at your company that you can expect real savings. Savings that greatly exceed the couple of cents you may receive on each pair of a bulk glove order. You should be striving for real and significant savings that come from lower incident rates, lower workers’ comp claims and happier employees. 

In addition, a safety partner who can aid you in selecting the best PPE for the job will save you money as well.  For example, if you are purchasing lesser quality products, it’s possible the price per piece is lower, but you are going to be using greater quantities throughout the day because of a decrease in quality. As a result, what might appear to be a savings, actually will end up costing you more money in the long run.

In our next blog we will turn our attention to your potential safety partner’s ability to guarantee they can deliver a safety program that will reduce injuries in your workplace and how to determine how committed they are to protecting your most important asset – your employees.

To get our comprehensive white paper, titled “6 Critical Questions To Ask Before Selecting A Safety Partner,” click here. If you would like to speak with an Arbill safety expert and learn more about the safety products, programs and training we offer, call us 800-523-5367.

Have a safe day!


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