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The Dangers of Daylight Savings Time

Julie Copeland

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For some, daylight’s savings time is a benefit, for others an inconvenience. Most of us groan about losing an hour, yawn, shrug it off and go on with our lives.

Dangers of Daylight's Savings TimeHowever, the Monday after daylight savings can be more dangerous than many of us realize.

Studies have shown that the sleep deprivation caused by the Spring shift to daylight savings results in a small increase in fatal workplace accidents on the following Monday. It is believed that this increase is due to misalignment of our natural circadian rhythms, which occur when we force ourselves to stay awake at hours when our bodies believe we should be sleeping.

According to the National Safety Council, the following types of employees are most susceptible to these circadian rhythm disruptions:

  • Shift workers
  • Medical staff
  • Emergency responders
  • Military personnel
  • Workers over age 40
  • Transportation professionals

This is especially true for those who work rotating or night shifts.

If you’re responsible for the safety of employees in any of these categories, or any employee who works in potentially dangerous situations, it’s never a bad idea to:

  • Issue warnings about the effects of sleep loss.
  • Give your employees the option to sleep a little later or catch a quick nap during the day.
  • Encourage your employees to exercise and avoid alcohol the night before.
  • Be on the lookout for employees who may be showing signs of excessive such as yawning, head dropping, and difficulty remembering or concentrating.

These are small steps that may help avoid injuries and save lives.

Looking for more ways to protect your employees? Consider a safety audit or learn more about our Vantage Predictive Analytics which can help you to target at-risk employees and prevent accidents before they happen.

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Have a safe day!


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