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Holiday Safety Tips

Julie Copeland

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Arbill works hard all year to keep you and your employees safe so that everyone can go home to their families at the end of each and every day. It is with this commitment to safety in mind that we want to provide some tips to ensure everyone gets through the holidays safely.

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We urge you to take a few simple precautions to make sure you and your employee's families remain safe and injury-free during the holidays.

Decorate Safely

Putting up decorations is one of the best ways to get in the holiday spirit, but if proper steps aren't taken they can result in injury. Follow some of the suggestions below from the National Safety Council and check out their infographic for more holiday safety tips.

  • Decorate the tree with your kids in mind. Move ornaments that are breakable or have metal hooks toward the top

  • Always use a proper step ladder when needed. Do not use chairs or other furniture, as they are not an appropriate substitute

  • Make sure there are no exposed or frayed wires, loose connections or broken sockets on your holiday lights

  • Keep poinsettias and other holiday plants out of reach of children or pets. Some of these plants may be poisonous

  • Move wrapping paper, toys and decorations out of the way to ensure paths are clear and avoid slips, trips and falls

Shine a Light on Fire Safety

The National Fire Protection Association reports that 12% of home candle fires occur in December. During the holidays the use of candles and fireplaces, combined with an increase in the amount of combustible, seasonal decorations means more risk for fire. To stay safe this holiday season follow the tips outlined below.

  • Make sure candles are on stable surfaces

  • Keep candles out of reach of children

  • Never leave burning candles unattended or sleep in a room with a lit candle

  • Do not burn candles near trees, curtains or any other flammable items

Be Prepared for Holiday Travel

During the holidays many people travel, by car, to see family and friends. With more people on the road, inclement weather and the potential for drunk drivers, automobile fatalities increase during the holiday season. Stay safe on the road this year by following the tips below.

  • Use a designated driver to ensure guests make it home safely. Remember that alcohol, over-the-counter and illegal drugs all cause impairment

  • Make sure everyone uses their seat belts, no matter how long or short the trip is

  • Do not text while driving and avoid using your cell phone. If you have to make a call use a hands free device

  • Keep an emergency kit with you in the event of car trouble

  • Follow all posted speed limits and take extra caution if there is winter weather

We at Arbill wish you and your employees a very happy and safe holiday season. Visit our safety resources page to get information on how we can help keep you and your employees safe during the holidays and all year round. 

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday! 

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