How To Determine The Proper Helmet Fit

How To Determine The Proper Helmet Fit

When searching for a new helmet, determining the proper fit is crucial and could save your life down the line. Guessing your size could result in discomfort and negatively impact the safety features of your hat. If your helmet is too small, it could pinch your face and cause headaches. Too large, and your helmet may tip back or fall off during an accident. The team of professionals at Arbill have put together a guide on how to properly determine your helmet size.


Step 1: Measure your head at its largest circumference with a soft tape measure.

Step 2: Repeat the measurements a few times and take the largest size in your results.

Step 3: Helmet manufacturers will typically offer measurements to help you pick the correct size of helmet. If your measurements fall between numbers listed, use the larger size.


Tips on helmet fit:

·      Helmets should be snug and square, but should not pinch your face.

·      There should not be any gaps between brow and temple pads.

·      Helmets should be as tight as comfort allows and will often loosen up after being used.

·      Helmets should not be able to roll forward or backwards off your head.


Remember, human heads are not all the same shape and neither are helmets. If one brand doesn’t feel comfortable, explore and try other brands. If you can’t determine if the helmet’s fit is right for you, wear it around the store for a bit and see how it feels after a few minutes. Remember, helmets are worth the investment and could end up saving your life.


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Arbill’s team of safety professionals for additional tips and suggestions on helmets.