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How Kimberly-Clark Is Helping to Create a Sustainable Future

Julie Copeland

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At Arbill, we’re proud to include Kimberly-Clark products among the 200,000 work and safety products that we offer to our customers.

What many people don’t know, is that in addition to being behind Kleenex, Huggies and countless other products that we use on a daily basis, Kimberly-Clark has a tradition of promoting sustainability through its 150-year history.

And in the past ten years, Kimberly-Clark has been working to take this history to the next level.


Sustainable Goals


 Kimberly-Clark has created an audacious set of goals for their Sustainability 2022 project.

  • Improve the well-being of 25 million people in need
  • Reduce their natural forest footprint by 50% through a combination of innovation and sustainable best practices
  • Reduce their greenhouse gasses by 20%

With the commitment of their 43,000-strong team and global partnerships, they hope to make these goals a reality.


Sustainable Products


One way they’re working to reach these goals is by constantly working to make its products more sustainable. For example, over the past ten years, they’ve already increased their use of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved fibers from 7% to 80%.

wypall wipes.jpegAnother example is their WypAll Wipers. Compared to a box rags, a package of WypAll Wipers is 2X more absorbent and absorb water 2X faster. WypAll Wipers also leave 3X less lint behind. Compared with rags, this reduces mess and repetitive work that can require the use of more rags. That means you get more done with less.

Because of Kimberly-Clark’s commitment to sustainability, using WypAll Wipers reduces waste to landfill by 92%, reduces storage needs by 68% and costs 26% less compared to traditional rags.

At Arbill, we applaud Kimberly-Clark’s efforts and are proud to continue to offer their products to our customers. In the months to come, we will continue to feature Kimberly-Clark products and practices that are promoting sustainability.

Arbill is a safety solutions company. We are all about protecting your workers in the workplace. Our mission is to keep workers safe and return them home safely at the end of the day. Visit arbill.com for more information about being safe and subscribe to Safer Every Day  the definitive digital magazine for workplace safety.

Have a safe day!


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