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Why Off-The-Job Safety is Your Responsibility

With the help of OSHA, the National Safety Council and Arbill, your workplace injury rates have been steadily decreasing.  Does your responsibility end there?

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Winter Workplace Safety

Happy New Year everyone!  We hope that you all had a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and that you are ready to work together to create a culture of safety within your organization for 2013.

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10 Workplace Safety Tips for 2013

Welcome back to another safe work week and a day away from a new Safer work year.

In the past four decades since OSHA's inception, there has been a dramatic effect on workplace safety. Worker injuries and deaths are down significantly - from approximately 38 worker deaths a day in 1970 to 13 a day in 2011. 

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2012 Top 10 OSHA Citations

We’re nearing the end of 2012 and welcoming in a new calendar year.  In fiscal year 2012, which ran from October 2011 through September 2012, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) conducted almost 41,000 workplace safety and health inspections. Here are the top 10 citations the agency handed to companies:

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Slips, Trips and Falls - Workplace Injury Statistics

Welcome back. Our Blog topic this week is Slips, Trips and Falls in the workplace and we thought we would share some staggering statistics with you.

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The Effects of the Flu in the Workplace

100 million

According to a study conducted by Walgreens, examining the effects of influenza (flu) on everyday life, this is the number of working days lost to sickness in the US during our last flu season.

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Building a Culture of Safety in the Workplace

Happy Friday!  This week we are discussing motivating employees to be safe.  We found that open communication and including employees in safety decisions will bring about the desired results.  Today we will discuss the motivation for leaders to want to improve safety.

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