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Get a Handle on Hand Safety: 5 Keys to Prevent Workplace Injuries

When you went online to read this article, chances are you didn’t have to stop and think about how you were going to navigate your keyboard. What about when you buttoned your shirt, ate your breakfast or picked up your car keys this morning? Probably not. A hand injury can make the multitude of tasks that we take for granted a serious, if not impossible, challenge. Maybe for the short term, or perhaps, permanently.

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Top 10 WORKPLACE Safety Training Tips Revealed...

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Are your Workers at Respiratory Risk?

An average human being can survive up to 8 weeks without food, 3-5 days without water, but only 5-10 minutes without air. This constant need makes it especially important to protect your workers’ respiratory health. In addition to possible suffocation, breathing hazards may cause cancer, lung impairment, diseases, or death.

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