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TOPIC: Fall-protection

Calculating Total Fall Distance

You have just received your new full body harness, 6-ft. shock-absorbing lanyard and anchorage connector. A structural engineer qualified all of your anchor points to ensure that they meet strength requirements per OSHA regulations. Is your personal fall arrest system complete? Perhaps not.

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Fall Protection: Keys to Protect Your Employees

This week is OSHA's National Safety Stand Down, which is an effort to raise awareness about the importance of fall prevention and fall protection. This is a voluntary event and serves as an opportunity for employers to have a conversation with employees about hazards, protective methods, safety policies and goals.

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Scaffolding Safety: 12 Steps to Protect Your Employees

Scaffolding accidents are among the most common in the construction industry. Every year American employers pay approximately $90 million dollars in lost work days due to these accidents, not to mention the possibility of permanent injury/death. Improper scaffolding practices are the #3 OSHA violation, with 3,900 citations given in 2016.

Based on OSHA reports, 65 percent of workers in the construction industry, a whopping 2.3 million, operate on scaffolds frequently. Of these workers, 4,500 get injured every year and approximately 60 experience fatalities. The most shocking statistic of all though is this: 72 percent of these accidents occur as a result of deficient platforms and falling, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To avoid these tragedies, OSHA has established a set of guidelines to which companies should strictly adhere:

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Focus on Fall Protection Equipment

Earlier this week, we featured a post on fall protection that provided tips to help you protect your workers from falls. Today we are going to focus on fall protection equipment and outline the things you should look for to ensure your employees are properly protected.

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Focus on Fall Protection

One of the most frequently sited workplace safety violations by the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) is Fall Protection. Each year over 100,000 injuries and deaths are attributable to work-related falls.

According to the National Safety Council, falls are one of the leading causes of deaths in the workplace. In addition to permanent injuries and lost lives caused by falls, businesses lose billions of dollars each year from significant increases in insurance premiums, workers’ compensation claims, product liability costs, and other related expenses.

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Fall Protection: What's Wrong With This Picture?

One in five worker deaths last year were in construction with more than 100,000 injuries occurring as a result of work-related falls. According to OSHA, the most frequently sited workplace safety violation is failure to provide fall protection. Scaffolding accidents are among the most common in the construction industry.

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The Importance of Fall Protection...

I read a news posting last week about an electrician who plunged to his death while working on a Los Angeles skyscraper. The article shared that he was not supposed to be above the third floor and had removed his hard hat before falling 53 floors, construction company officials said.

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Protect Your Workers from Falls

Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) shared an important but not untypical story last week about a Texas worker who was injured after he was denied safety equipment.

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Stand-Down... And Save Lives by Preventing Falls

In an effort to prevent tragic deaths and injuries, Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) is in the midst of a two week campaign to promote the prevention message in the 2015 National Fall Safety Stand-Down.

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Safety and Aging in the Workplace

One of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes featured older Americans in a “Home for the Aged” trying to regain their youth by playing a game of Kick the Can. Perhaps you saw this episode recently during the New Year’s Twilight Zone marathon.

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