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Dangers of Flooding: Keys to Keep Employees Safe

Hurricane Harvey and Irma caused severe devestation and destruction to Texas, Florida and various other parts of the Southeastern United States. The powerful storms brought high winds, rising ocean levels and torrential rain, causing severe flooding.

Flooding is extremely dangerous as it is difficult to determine where the water is going and how deep it is in certain parts. Even when flood waters begin to recede there are still dangers associated with working in those areas.

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Are you at risk for flooding?

The snow storm that brought blizzard-like conditions to much of the Northeast has left some areas with two to three feet of snow.  Unfortunately when such a great deal of snow begins to melt, flooding can occur.

Snow melt isn’t the only cause of flooding so if you aren’t located in the Northeast – don’t think you’re out of the woods.  Floods are unpredictable and can occur anywhere at anytime – which is what makes them so dangerous.

Some typical causes of flooding:

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