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What You Should Know About Safety In The Oil & Gas Industry

For more than 100 years, our partners at MSA have been protecting people at work against the dangers of toxic and combustible gases, explosions and fires, trips and falls, loud noises, flying debris, dust, and more. If you’re responsible for plant and/or process safety in the oil and gas industry, Arbill and MSA are here to help you prevent accidents.

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Calculating Total Fall Distance

You have just received your new full body harness, 6-ft. shock-absorbing lanyard and anchorage connector. A structural engineer qualified all of your anchor points to ensure that they meet strength requirements per OSHA regulations. Is your personal fall arrest system complete? Perhaps not.

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Roofing-Related Fall Protection: How to Tackle the Top 3 Challenges

There’s an old saying that goes: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Good advice, if there was any—especially with regard to planning, designing, remodeling, and constructing any type of structure.

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ESSENTIAL Fall Protection Tips

Accidental falls happen—an unfortunate, but real workplace danger. So even with fall prevention tactics, worker-safety-at-heights programs, hazard identifications and controls, a fully trained workforce, and fall-avoidance strategies in place, it’s critical to be rapid-rescue ready.

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