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Keep Workers From Breathing Silica Dust

Recently, there has been much in the news about concerns over breathing silica dust. Arbill feels it’s important to share this information to alert the many workers that come in contact with this substance.

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5 Ways to Prepare Your Workers For Summer

Though we’re coming off a pretty mild winter in the Mid-Atlantic Region, there is Heat_image_8-11-15.jpgmuch excitement and anticipation about the warmer months ahead. For some workers, however, rising temperatures can be challenging. And depending on the type of work you do, and the equipment that you wear, heat can be the catalyst for a serious injury.

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Top 10 WORKPLACE Safety Training Tips Revealed...

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Worker Orientation - Welcome to Safety!

I’m always excited when a new employee starts at Arbill. We plan in advance to welcome the employee and make sure he/she meets with key people and learns the ropes from our experienced staff. It’s also important that all new employees -- in every area of the company --understands from day one that we are a safety company. Nothing is more important than keeping workers safe. 

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Protect the Feet of Your Workers

Foot injuries can be quite painful… and costly. They can sideline a worker or a team and add
tremendous cost to your bottom line. Millions of dollars are spent by employers every year due to foot injuries. Protecting the feet of your workers makes a lot of sense. Here’s why….  

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The Importance of Fall Protection...

I read a news posting last week about an electrician who plunged to his death while working on a Los Angeles skyscraper. The article shared that he was not supposed to be above the third floor and had removed his hard hat before falling 53 floors, construction company officials said.

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Protect the Eyes of Your Workers

Let’s focus on eye protection. It’s clear to me that some employers get it. They provide the proper training and use of protective eyewear.

Unfortunately, the injury statistics tell us that so many employers don’t get it, which puts their employees (and their bottom line) at risk.

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Protect Your Workers from Respiratory Illness

It was recently reported that employees of Lake Compounce Family Theme Park who sprayed coatings on park equipment and worked with caustic chemicals in the park's paint room were exposed to chemical, burn and respirator hazards. Inspectors cited the Bristol, Connecticut facility for 18 serious violations of workplace safety standards.

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New ANSI Cut Levels Created to Protect Workers

Cut resistance can be a confusing topic, especially since there have been different standards and measures to determine protection.

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The Cost of Workplace injuries and illnesses

Workplace injuries and illnesses have a tremendous impact on the bottom line for employers.

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