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The True Cost Of Workplace Safety: Getting Workers Home Safe

Besides the culture of your workplace and the “fulfillment factor” of your employees’ jobs, workplace safety is the key determinant of your workers’ happiness. And it’s this happiness, this genuine employment satisfaction, which determines their productivity and your company’s long-term stability, growth and success.

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Is New Employee Safety Training Necessary?

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), 40% of workers injured have been on the job less than one year.  Why are new workers more likely to be hurt?  The main reason given is a lack of safety information from the employer.  In a BLS study of workers injured while operating power saws, nearly one in five said that no safety training on the equipment had been provided.

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Avoiding Mercury Exposure from Fluorescent Bulbs in the Workplace

Compact fluorescent light bulbs were first introduced in the 1970’s but didn’t become commonplace in the workplace until the past 2 decades.  They are durable, energy efficient alternatives to incandescent bulbs allowing your workplace to be more efficient and show significant cost savings.  Unfortunately, the greater efficiency and cost savings come with some risks to those workers who handle, recycle and dispose of them.

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