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We've Got Your Back: 6 Tips to Prevent Back Injuries

As an employer or manager, you are responsible for providing a safe and stable working environment for your employees. Without proper safety equipment, training and practices, your workers' efficiency declines to the point where absenteeism becomes a major threat to your company's growth and success.

Did you know that back injuries are the most common reason for absenteeism, right after the common cold?

According to recent reports, 80% of adults are estimated to experience a back injury at some point in their lifetime, and these injuries account for over 24% of all workplace injury and illness involving days away from work. Back-related workplace injuries range from minor dull and achy to serious sharp and stabbing lumbar pain. These injuries limit employees’ ability to do their jobs and result in increased worker’s comp claims and downtime.

The most common causes of back injuries include:

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Back Injuries: What’s Wrong With These Pictures? Part 3

Welcome back to this week’s Arbill Blog Series, “What’s Wrong With These Pictures?” Part 1 in this series highlighted back injury risks and the benefits of ergonomics, while Part 2 summarized proper lifting techniques along with how to minimize the effects of manual material handing. We hope you found these posts useful for your own workplace safety efforts!

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