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Protect Your Workers from Respiratory Illness

Respiratory illness can be serious. In some cases, it can be deadly. And, unfortunately, in the safety world, we see the reality of respiratory issues. Many workers are not properly protected and are at risk for respiratory illness, which can be devastating to them and their families. It can also be devastating for employers who don’t protect their workers properly.

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Taking Safety into Your Own Hands

I’d like to focus on hand protection today. The number of reported hand injuries and amputated fingers vary depending on the source. Reason being that many injuries go unreported when left up to the employee or the employer to submit detailed reports.

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Train Your Workers for First Aid Emergencies

I was speaking to a long-time client the other day who called to thank me for recommending First Aid training for her workers. She went on to explain that one of her older workers was experiencing mild chest pains, and his coworkers jumped into action. One called 911 while the other performed steps outlined in the training he had received.

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Protect Your Workers By Preventing Forklift Injuries

One of the biggest dangers in the workplace can be operating heavy machinery – specifically forklifts.

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Protect the Eyes of Your Workers

The purpose of today’s safety message is about eye protection. I'm sharing this information to help our readers see clearly the importance of protecting the eyes of your workers.

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Prevent Hearing Loss in the Workplace

At a neighbor’s barbecue recently, I met an older gentleman who talked about his recent retirement from a printing organization. He spent years running printing presses and maintaining large machines that pumped out millions of printed materials each week.

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Protect Your Workers from Falls

Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) shared an important but not untypical story last week about a Texas worker who was injured after he was denied safety equipment.

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Safety Culture Conversation

I was at an airport recently and watched a worker take a nasty spill on a floor that apparently was wet. It was painful to watch as the worker fell backwards and hit her head pretty hard.

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