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5 Reasons You Need Women's PPE

With more women in the workplace performing jobs that require personal protective equipment (PPE), a line of PPE designed specifically for women is long overdue. In this blog we outline the top 5 reasons you should be providing PPE that has been designed with your female workers in mind. 

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5 Machine Safety Tips To Prevent Workplace Injuries And Fatalities

Machinery in the workplace can be of great benefit if used correctly and safely. Heavy machinery easily completes many tasks in a timely manner, but these machines are also capable of causing great harm if you don’t know how to use them properly. Misusing heavy machinery leads to a variety of serious workplace injuries and fatalities.

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Focus on Fall Protection Equipment

Earlier this week, we featured a post on fall protection that provided tips to help you protect your workers from falls. Today we are going to focus on fall protection equipment and outline the things you should look for to ensure your employees are properly protected.

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Focus on Fall Protection

One of the most frequently sited workplace safety violations by the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) is Fall Protection. Each year over 100,000 injuries and deaths are attributable to work-related falls.

According to the National Safety Council, falls are one of the leading causes of deaths in the workplace. In addition to permanent injuries and lost lives caused by falls, businesses lose billions of dollars each year from significant increases in insurance premiums, workers’ compensation claims, product liability costs, and other related expenses.

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ANSI Cut Levels: Keys to Understanding Changes

Cut resistance can be a confusing topic, especially since there have been different standards
and measures to determine protection.

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Fall Protection: What's Wrong With This Picture?

One in five worker deaths last year were in construction with more than 100,000 injuries occurring as a result of work-related falls. According to OSHA, the most frequently sited workplace safety violation is failure to provide fall protection. Scaffolding accidents are among the most common in the construction industry.

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The Top 12 Workplace Safety Training Tips To Reawaken Your Workers

When it comes to workplace safety in your facility, the fact is danger always exists and no one is immune to accidents.

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Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee Should Know

Workplace safety cannot exist on best practice guidelines and policies alone. A safe working environment is based on how well the people, in both management and on the factory floor, adhere to -- and communicate about -- safety standards.

The foundation of any successful workplace safety effort is one that encourages employees to identify unsafe behaviors and opportunities for improvement while also making well-informed safety decisions during daily routine tasks.

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Workplace Safety: 5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Employees

OSHA law requires employers to provide their employees with working conditions that are free of known dangers. This is the crux of workplace safety and our initiative to get every worker home safe, every day.

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Arbill Stands Strong on Workplace Safety & Giving Back

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