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Workplace Safety: 10 Most Dangerous Jobs

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2011, 4,609 people lost their lives on the job, a rate equal to 3.5 deaths for every 100,000 full-time workers. What makes a job dangerous and potentially fatal? It can be any number of factors, including the type of work and where it's performed. According to Forbes.com and ranked by the number of deaths for every 100,000 full-time workers, the following is a list of the nation’s 10 most dangerous jobs

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Safety Footwear Trends – What to look for?

Employers are not required to purchase shoes that are considered acceptable for personal use. However, if specific shoes are required that cannot be reasonably worn in everyday-life, it is the employer’s responsibility to purchase them.

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Slips trips and falls - Workplace Hazards and How to Avoid Them

Top 6 causes of same level slip and fall injuries in the workplace and how to avoid them.

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The Importance of Safety Compliance Training


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Workplace Accidents: 10 Most Common Workplace Injuries

We’re glad you made it back to this week’s blog where our theme is how to reduce workplace accidents. Today we are talking about the 10 most common workplace injuries and how to prevent them.

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