Launch industry best practices with MyMomentum

Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) Management System Software

What is MyMomentum

Automate your Environmental Health & Safety program with MyMomentum™: an easy-to-use cloud-based application.

  • Enable management visibility
  • Replace manual processes
  • Drive company-wide accountability
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
  • Get quick insight into site operations
  • View the status of fleet/equipment, site by site
  • Identify new compliance items needed for operation adjustments
  • Quickly identify permits that need renewal
  • Know which actions are overdue or coming due
  • Track all required training for employees

MyMomentum EHS Software

Environmental Health and Safety Program MyMomentum

How Can MyMomentum Help my Organization?

  • Be proactive, not reactive
  • Drive a culture of safety and reduce injuries and incidents
  • Lower workers' compensation and insurance claims
  • Decrease the likelihood of regulatory fines
  • Meet required training, inspections, and deadlines
  • Track key performance metrics
  • Empower employee responsibility & accountability
  • See commitment to safety in real-time

MyMomentum Key Features:

  • Assignable Action Items
  • DOT Driver Qualification File Management
  • OSHA Log Maintenance
  • Employee Recognition
  • Maintenance Item Tracking
  • Management Reporting
  • Incident Reporting & Investigation
  • Regulatory Permit Management

  • Behavior Based Safety Practices
  • Customizable Inspections
  • Virtual Filing System
  • Equipment/Fleet Management
  • Meeting/Training Tracker
  • Compliance Calendar
  • Incident Alert System

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